Established in 2014, PinkNova was founded to share our love for babywearing by creating state of the art baby wraps for you and your little ones.

We are privileged that we can make something we love and sell the things we make. Join us in this adventure!

Our wraps are made with love. Love for babywearing, crafts and fashion.

Babywearing is the perfect way to do your thing, while keeping your baby close to your heart. Whether it is your daily routine, or exploring the world, with our baby wraps you can do it in style!

Weaving is a craft, and we love old crafts. We take this traditional craft to a new level by using high standard jacquard weaving techniques for our baby wraps. The principle of artisan craft combined with modern designs.

We only use the most high-end yarn and are constantly looking for new materials that will fulfill all your babywearing needs. From the finest Egyptian Cotton to Mulberry Silk and the best Wool, we want to offer you a variety of blends and colors, suitbale for all climates and fashionstyles. As our baby wraps are limited edition, you will have an unique babywearing accessory!

Our yarns are all produced with respect for our environment and certified under de EU legislation. Amongst others, our yarns have the Oeko-tex certification. As we purchase and produce locally we know what the resources are and we can monitor the production process closely. Our wraps are designed, produced and handmade in The Netherlands and Belgium.

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If you are interested in pre-ordering a baby wrap or purchasing scraps, please email us at

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Pre-order a baby wrap or purchase scraps?

If you are interested in pre-ordering a babywrap or purchase scraps, please email us at


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