PL Rendez-Vous Black Tie 4





PL Rendez-Vous Black Tie 4

52% Bio Cotton, 48% Sea Island Cotton, 275 gr/m2.

This wrap is in excellent used condition. It is chopped from a size 6. This Preloved wrap comes freshly packed, ready to be used.


A true mono Rendez-Vous, Black on White with twill woven birds. Woven with the best and most luxurious cotton; Sea Island Cotton.

The two bindings used for this wrap makes it one of a kind.

A true essential, in a perfect blend with one of the most exclusive and outstanding quality fibers. Sea Island Cotton is regarded as ultra-premium and rare, only used by luxury brands for their finest products. The production is limited, and there are even differences between the cotton grown within the countries of the West Indies.

Easy-care, suitable for all experience levels and from squish to toddler.

Prices excluding shipping. Very limited available.

Size 3 €265 – Size 5 €285 – Size 6 €300


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