Pink Monday

  Today is Blue Monday. The day where you start wondering when your summer vacation starts, when the days become longer, what the year will bring … Let’s talk about that last part. The new year has started for PinkNova as well. We say goodbye to 2017 with rollercoaster feelings of happiness and some tears, and we look forward to starting 2018. With you! Every year we start with looking both back and forward. Of course we want to share our thoughts with you. Just before the new year started, we launched PinkNova Preloved. A unique concept in which we aim for sustainability, a better flow in the second-hand market, and lifelong usage of our wraps. It kicked off with a big bang! We are so grateful for your support, all the applications, and the many new homes we have already been able to send Preloved wraps to. We hope to expand the activities in 2018, and we welcome everyone to either apply a Preloved wrap or add a Preloved wrap to your stash. In 2016 and 2017 we made 13 custom wraps. We find so much joy in creating wraps together with a group of enthusiastic mamas. We hope to create many more in 2018. 3 groups have already applied, and we are open to all ideas you have to create the perfect wrap for you. PinkNova moved to a great location where we find collaborations with other (small) creative companies. We introduced Doodle and Bib to you in December: Handmade accessories with our fabric, made by clients from The Amerpoort. We strongly believe that even though we are a small company, we can make a difference and add value to society. We hope to expand this collaboration in 2018. We start the year also looking forward to the 17th of February. We will open the doors of our HQ to anyone who wants a sneak peak into the babywearing world. We know that not everyone is close by, and we value each and every customer, from anywhere in the world. At some point we would love to meet everyone! We have to keep dreaming, right?! PinkNovas are now used in 24 countries. Ilse and I are already looking forward to that world trip. 🙂 Of course there are things we will forget to mention at this point. But something definitely worth mentioning is that Ilse and her fiancée, Caz, are expecting a baby boy at the end of March/early April. A new babywearing adventure ahead for them. Okay, lovelies, let’s start this year happy on this Blue Monday. Or better yet, let’s make it Pink Monday. We are looking forward to another great year with you. See you soon! Lots of love! I&A

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