Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about a sling, ring sling or baby carrier. Do you have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is the difference between a sling, baby carrier or ring sling?
  • PinkNova sells baby wraps, baby carriers and ring slings. Baby slings are essentially a long length of woven or knotted fabric in which you can “tie” your child. Tying may seem tricky at first, but practice makes perfect. After a few practice sessions, it is a breeze for most moms and dads. 
  • In addition to baby carriers, we also sell ergonomic baby carriers that, just like baby carriers, the fabric falls smoothly over your child. The baby carriers are all made of sling fabric and therefore also look beautiful.
  • Unfortunately, this is not the case with many non-ergonomic baby carriers. Non-ergonomic baby carriers often do not support the baby sufficiently. The natural curvature of the spine is not possible with a baby carrier. In addition, the legs are often slightly spread in non-ergonomic baby carriers, so that no support is offered up to the knees. The weight of the legs often hangs in an incorrect position. The baby is hanging in the carrier, as it were, instead of sitting in it. 
  • A ring sling is a short woven cloth with 2 rings at one end through which you pull the cloth. A ring sling is quick and easy to use, but needs a little more experience before you get the hang of it.
  • So there is something for everyone. Feel free to ask one of our wearing consultants what suits you best in your case.
What is the difference between stretchable (jersey) wraps and woven wraps?
  • PinkNova currently only sells woven wraps. Tricot wraps are made of elastane for stretch. A stretchy wrap (made of jersey fabric, such as a t-shirt) is ideal for newborns and very user-friendly. It is easy to learn how to put it on. You can keep the baby wrap around and take your baby out and back in while wearing the wrap (handy with feeding / changing). A stretchy wrap is ideal from birth until a baby is about 1 year old. A stretchy wrap is only suitable for front carry. If you want to purchase a stretchable wrap, check or the
  • A sling made of woven fabric is not stretchable (depending on the thickness). The fabric can be made of many materials and from PinkNova this is cotton, bamboo or linen. But can be more type of yarn. When you have taken your child out of the cloth, the cloth must be tied again. A woven wrap can be used from birth to 2-3 years of age. A woven wrap provides more comfort and can be tied more firmly than a stretchable wrap. However, the choice is very personal. A woven cloth is suitable for belly, back and hip wear.
How can I best wash my sling, ring sling or baby carrier?

With each product there is an explanation of how best to wash the product. The easiest way is to consult the care label of the product so thWith each product there is an explanation of how best to wash the product. The easiest way is to consult the care label of the product so that you know exactly what you can and cannot do with your baby wrap 😉

How do I put on a sling, ring sling or baby carrier?

All products come with an extensive folder in which all steps are explained together with photos or drawings of the actions. There are also baby wearing consultants ready to help you determine which wearing option is best for you.

Why is a sling, baby carrier or ring sling good and handy?
  • Babies prefer to be close to their mother (and father of course). That way they feel safe and secure. So close your baby can immediately indicate when he is hungry. A crying baby calms down from the movements it feels when it is being carried. The infamous colic are much less due to the fluctuations in a sling and your warmth against his belly. A sling is therefore very suitable for indoor use. Children with reflux can provide relief by keeping them upright. This is very easy with a sling.
  • Carrying is also ideal if you have more children who also need their mum or dad. Wearing is nice if you want to do some things at home and super easy when you go out. A sling takes up so little space that you can always take it with you. With a sling, public transport, escalators and busy shopping streets are no obstacle. No dirty tires from a buggy or pram in the house and you as a carrier are the very best shock absorber.
Don't spoil my baby too much when I wear him or her?

Not only the babies, but also mothers usually have a great need to keep their baby close. There are authorities that claim that you spoil your child and make it dependent if you carry it with you regularly. Your child should learn early on to be alone. That goes against any mother’s feeling. If you follow your heart, it makes sense to want to keep your child with you.

What is the best position for a baby when carried?

Carrying a baby correctly in a sling, baby carrier or ring sling contributes to the proper development of your baby, including the hips. We will post more about this on this website soon.

Can I use a sling, ring sling or baby carrier on the bike or in the car?

Avoid dangerous situations! We strongly advise against exercising, cooking or cycling with the baby in a sling. The sling is of course also not suitable for use in a car.

Is it safe to use a sling, ring sling or baby carrier?

When used properly, a baby wrap is a very safe and comfortable way to carry your baby with you. It is still the best way to let your child explore the world from a safe nest close to you. Your voice, your smell, your body heat, the sound of your breathing and your heartbeat are after all familiar factors for your child. You will find extensive information about safe wearing on our instruction page.

Note: a sling and baby carrier are very different, you can find more about that at the top of this page.

From what age can a sling, ring sling or baby carrier be used?

A sling or ring sling can be used from birth. A baby carrier can depend on the size of the baby carrier. Most baby carriers that we use can be used from birth. The time that a sling or baby carrier can be used can be personal preference. A stretchable wrap doesn’t last as long as a woven wrap, but that is reflected in the price.