The Moment

With a hectically busy Black Friday behind us, we are now anxiously waiting to receive that package. Or, in our case, to send the package. THE package!
Because sending every box, every gift to the excited mamas and papas, is something we do with pride and joy. From the moment when we picked the colour of the warp, the colour of the weft, and the design, we look forward to putting that wrap in the box. To show it to the world, and to be able to send it to a family where a little one will be carried in this wrap. And we see a picture. A proud mama, a papa, a sleeping baby. Sometimes it can take a couple of months to get to that moment. The moment when we see an unboxing, a spinning washing machine, the discussion about whether or not it smells like a herd of sheep in the house. A tired mama with a wrap to the rescue, and the moments where everything fits to place.

These are the moments that make us happy.
Thank you


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